Read detailed research on Business Process Maturity

DRK Research Focus:

A. Inter-functional and inter-company interactions and their relationship to business and inter-firm network performance.

These interactions are influenced by technology, organization design, structure, strategy, culture and process variables. The foundation research completed to date has developed a framework for examining these factors in different environments and situations (Business Process Orientation – BPO). The results have been documented in five books and several dozen publications. Research in progress focuses on two areas:

  • The adoption of Business Analytics within Supply Chain processes and the impact of boundary cross technology architecture.

  • Successful Supply Risk Management practices and the impact of management’s risk management orientation and environmental turbulence on impacts.

B. Technology Adoption success factors; specifically the orientation of leadership and how they relate to project success.

Read details on 15 years of research by the Global BPM Team, available from Amazon.

maturity book

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