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This site is designed for simplicity, something that is lacking in today’s complex world. We often make things more complex than they need to be, including technology applications. The black and white art work on this site is from a book, written by Stuart Chase,  published in 1929. The book, Men and Machines, discusses the affect of machines, or the industrial revolution, on people and society. In reading this book, I was struck by the arguments. They were the same made about the technology revolution of today.  An example of both sides follows:

“Man will achieve his greatest goal, universal leisure, through the building of better and more efficient machines.”

“In this age of the machine, the shadow of the Frankenstein monster that we have made falls with sinister menace across the upward-reaching pathway of the race; while our human life and individuality are stifled and dwarfed.”

Each chapter has art work by W. T. Murch. They depict a dark struggle between man and technology. I thought it appropriate for the love-hate relationship with  technology today and therefore have included it on this site.

Dr. Kevin McCormack - December 2000.

chase cover

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