Supplier Relationship Management Workshop
Class Downloads

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Required Readings

Relationship Management (Strategic Supplier Relationships), Ch. 10. “Supply Market Intelligence: A Managerial Handbook for Building Sourcing Strategies ”, Handfield, R., Taylor & Frnacis Group, 2006.

Ch. 10 Relationship Management
Proximity Research
Buyer Supplier Relationship Research
Supplier Customer Relationships
Power in the Supply Chain
Trust and Power

Day one:
Supply Relationship Management: Concepts and Best Practices

Morning Part 1
Evolution of Supplier Development

Foot Hills Case

Morning Part 2

Types of Relationships

Are you a Customer of Choice?


Trust and Power
Power Research Results
The "willingness model"
Power and Trust Work Sheet

Day Two: Supplier Relationship Management: the objectives and the process

The Process

Process Maturity

Case Study List

Day Three: Team Reports and Test

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