This workshop is designed to provide students with an understanding of Sourcing Management. Required reading is:

“Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, 6th Edition” from
      ISBN-10: 1285869680  |  ISBN-13: 9781285869681

      Course Syllabus

      Day 1
      Ch. 5 Purchasing and Commodity Strategy Development (the 7 Step Methodology)
      Ch. 6 Category Strategy Development

      Solve and Present Case 1 -Bose

      Day 2
      Ch 7 Supplier Evaluation and Selection
      Ch. 8 Supplier Quality Management

      Solve and Present Case 2 – Pacific Systems

      Day 3
      Ch. 9 Supplier Management and Development.
      Ch. 10 Worldwide Sourcing

      Work on Case 3 – Fed Ex

      Day 4
      Ch. 12 Purchasing and Supply Chain Tools and Techniques
      Ch. 11 Strategic cost Management
      Ch. 14 Contract Management

      Work on Case 3 Assignment

      Day 5
      Teams Present Case Results
      Final Exam

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